About ICE

Our project “The Impact of Consumerism on our Environment (ICE)” deals with consumerism in relation to environmental protection. Its aim is to raise awareness of the impact of consumerism on nature and our living environment among the students, young people and the public in general.

The topic of the project was chosen because the environment in schools and towns is getting worse and we would like to contribute to its improvement. We want to spread the awareness of how the quality of living environment is important to both present and future generations and how it influences our behaviour.

The project will be carried out transnationally (Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian and Italian schools) because we are facing the same problems connected to consumerism and environmental issues. The exchange of experience will be beneficial to all the partners. We will get acquainted with the methods of sorting out waste, reusing recycled materials and keeping our environment clean in terms of sustainable development. Sharing the knowledge and experience and learning from each other will help us with solving the problems on local levels.